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Digital Secuirty company    is a  Leading Innovative R&D Solutions Provider Firm for cyber secuirty digital defense (Cyberdi). The Company is established   in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia as an entrepreneur LLC Company, jointly owned by Saudi & International Partners ,   and is accredited by Center of Excellence for cyber security, an  excellence center established  by King Saud University and Ministry of higher eduction.  CYBERDI aims towards responding  to the increasing demand of cyber security  products in the Saudi Society and to transfer its technology to the Kingdom. Our lines of Cyber security products include R&D for: various private and puplic organizations  and We provide a  cyber defense approach that dynamically aims to protect, detect and respond the cyber threats with a portfolio including managed security services, industrial control system offerings, encryption, security awarance  and consultancy services.

Who Are We ?



We are  a group of  experts based in Saudi Arabia  and the Gulf council States . We deliver reliable cyber security products and services that meet the highest requirements and protect you against cyber threats.

We innovate with products and people-centric services that support and secure our customers’ assets, day in day out. Our products and services are constantly developing but it’s our people that gives us the edge. With highly experienced and motivated staff that we are continuously growing. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed


That's why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional security  service.

Meet the Team

Founding Member/experienced Scientist


      Prof. Sami Saleh Al-Wakeel

• Resourceful and innovative professional with a 30+ year academic career 

Ex - Dean and Founding Member of College of Computer Sciences & Information – King Saud University  And The Saudi Computer Society.

• A senior level consultant with many years’ experience in networking and communication  fields 

 •MSc. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University , USA

Chief Executive Officer



As a Cyber Security Consultant with a PhD in Information Security, in particular, in Phishing Detection and Defense. During  his  five years of studies, he was introduced to the several aspects of the overall security within the technology field. He finds him self always digging into the logical part of security, and how Cyber Criminals think and act when they try to compromise a system, a valuable asset of any form, or trick users to get sensitive information leveraging social engineering tactics. Also, his  passion belongs to Cyber Security Strategies, frameworks, international security standards, Crime Investigation, Security Awareness, and the psychological aspect of humans interacting with the internet, especially Social media Platforms. In addition to that, he  is  a Lecturer, Trainer, and Speaker in the IT related topics, in particular, Cyber Security.

Strategic Business Partner : Center of Excellence for information security (COEIA) at King Saud University


 Center of Excellence for information security (COEIA) at King Saud University is our business associate.  

COEIA  is  a non-profit centers, which aims to develop and provide security solutions Innovative raise the level of information security in the public and private sectors , and providing advisory services to secure computer networks and information systems ,And the application of international standards and the development of training and educational curricula specializing in the field of information security and appropriate to the needs of institutions ,